News / 05 August 2019

Digital Street art Las Vegas

Digital large format printed 3D art
by Sean Fitzpatrick

Digital vinyl makes street art friendly in Las Vegas

Casino, hotel and property managers have embraced the use of large format vinyl graphics versus direct street painting due to its ease of removal post event. Direct street art has been prohibited at most major properties so this is a welcome change that benefits all.

We provide you with a print ready file which you then take to your on site printer installer. They will select the materials that best suite the location and printing needs

Digital large format prints have transformed the advertising landscape. It is now possible to print and install virtually anywhere.

Artist Sean Fitzpatrick

3D digital graphics are perfect for trade-show booths as small as 10 x 10 and even more impressive in larger booth sizes and configurations. All artwork is custom designed and digitally painted by American artist Sean Fitzpatrick

All finished artwork includes unlimited reproduction rights

If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original.

If you are searching for street art that is even more sustainable than printed graphics, consider our multi use flooring and carpeting. You can choose from high grade super durable rubberized flooring. The image is actually printed in the under side of the material so foot traffic never touches the artwork. Or You can select from various grades of carpet from semi durable to a 10 year carpet