Modular 3D Street Art / Nov 2019

Modular Portable street art, no special permits required!

Modular portable 3D street art
by Sean Fitzpatrick

Modular Portable 3D Street Painting created live with no special permits required

If you have ever inquired to a city or other major metropolitan location about getting permission to paint or chalk on a public location, you can appreciate just how difficult, if not impossible that can be. Until now your only option was to attempt a guerrilla marketing activation, risking potentially thousands or dollars in fines plus the possibility of criminal prosecution.

With our industry exclusive custom, modular and portable street paintings, those problems are now a thing of the past. Our modular flooring and walls allow the artist to create the artwork live on site with out risking damage or effecting any part of the public space. In addition, our modular artwork is so durable that it can be started in our studio and shipped to any location in the country to be completed live in hours versus days for those short duration events.

Our custom hand painted modular street art panels allows you to own a portable reusable piece of custom 3d street art for less the price of a traditional street painting with a one time use.

Specifications and care instructions for modular original 3d artwork

The artwork can be easily transported and set up within minutes. A standard 10 x 10 piece is comprised of 25 individual 2 foot square tongue and groove panels, assembles in 20 minutes or less and breaks down in half that time. Each piece of artwork created is a hand painted original intended for light directed foot traffic only. The finished artwork is sealed and may be spot cleaned with dish soap and water or baby wipes.

We generally recommend this product for projects when the artwork is to be finished live on site or when the artwork is to be used in multiple consecutive activations. Artwork can be shipped complete or completed on site.

Here is what's included and what's not included in our square foot pricing.

When you purchase one of our hand painted customized modular 3D street paintings our square foot pricing covers all materials, design round based on client's creative direction, labor, ground shipping and finished artwork. The artwork is designed to be shipped finished or partially finished to be completed live on site. There is no additional on site performance fee but there are travel costs that are required for all on site performances.

Feel free to give us a call at 781-249-1494 or email us at info@3dchalk.comfor a free no obligation detailed quote.