News / 04 Apr 2019

Portable 3D street art , shipped anywhere.

Sean Fitzpatrick

Portable 3D street art. Easy to ship, no special permits required.

Our Industry exclusive portable 3d street art system allows us to create stunning 3D illusions and ship them direct to you. Each piece of custom 3D art is hand painted by American 3D artist Sean Fitzpatrick using durable lasting custom chalk acrylic paint and weather proof sealer.

One of the biggest challenges faced by todays street artists is the sheer amount of time each piece takes to create live. Our Custom modular portable system allows us to start the artwork in our studio and then ship the artwork to your location to finish them in hours versus days.This is specifically helpful for single day activations. If your event is at least 2 days, we can complete larger percentages of the artwork live.

Modular street art sets up so quickly and packs up even quicker. Because the artist was only painting on the panels, no special permits were required!

Andrew Grove

The ability to set up a large scale piece of artwork in virtually any space indoors or out is a game changer for the event and experiential marketing industry. Gone are the days of complicated permitting process. The portability and versatility of this product makes it ideal for tight deadlines guerrilla activations.

Email for detailed pricing and examples of our portable street art system.

Easy shipping and setup plus the artwork can be reused, relocated or re purposed

If you are planning a multi city product launch or tour, our portable 3D street art system makes perfect sense and could save you thousands of dollars. Lets say you are having an east coast tour starting in Miami and ending in New York City. Your tour consists of 10 stops between the two cities. With our modular system you will only need one or two total pieces of art that can be taken to each stop and set up on site. That's an initial savings of 800 to 900 percent over conventional 3D street art activation costs. Once you factor in travel costs permit fees, security and tenting, the savings are truly astronomical!